About Us

About the Company

GELI Foods started in August 8, 2012 by a veteran food technologist specializing in dairy products. It is a home-based milk processing operation focusing on fermented milk products and cheeses utilizing latest knowledge in processing techniques combined with artisan skills. He decided to venture on his own business after more than 10 years of working in dairy development program of the government and private sector as project development officer and processing specialist.

GELI Foods can process up to 200 liters per day of plain (unflavored) and fruit-flavored yogurt using a bain-marie method and follows a standard incubation time to achieve the right acidity and consistency all the time.

Its cheeses are made using traditional techniques of an artisan cheese maker. From the ways of how cottage cheese is made in Laguna to European feta, it is carefully followed and improved to suit the local taste.

The source of milk is from the highlands of Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon where cows are fed with fresh grasses and plenty of water at Green Acres Dairy Farm. The cows are holstein-sahiwal crosses and are grazed freely in assigned paddocks planted with improved grasses and legumes. Milk is harvested using double-bucket milking machines and stored in milk cooling tanks before delivery to GELI Foods.

Fruits and Yogurt Creations is the brand name of GELI Foods for its fermented products. It is a combination of properly fermented yogurt and imported blueberry and strawberry preserves for blueberry and strawberry flavored and mature and sun-ripe mangoes for its mango-flavored yogurt.