Our Products

Fruits and Yogurt Creations  is a stirred yogurt made from real fresh milk from a dairy farm in Bukidnon, fermented perfectly using selected bacterial cultures and added with mature and sun-ripe mangoes and imported blueberry and strawberry preserves to achieve the right blend of creamy, fruity and tartish taste just right for Filipino palates.

             Since its product launch in August 2012, Blueberry flavor became the most sought fermented dairy product in Cagayan de Oro and Cebu City while Strawberry flavor was  more popular in Tandag City. But with the latest addition of Mango flavor to the product line, it became a hit in all places instantly. 

Our fruit flavors are packed in 
 1 liter, 250 mL  PET bottles, and 90 mL plastic cups. While the Plain Greek Yogurt is in 450-gram tub.

Our yogurt contains billions of probiotics (live microorganisms) it needs to be refrigerated (4 degrees Celsius) to preserve its freshness and ideal taste. It also have a shelf-life of 3 weeks from date of production.